Friday, February 26, 2016

White Light

Warning: Mild Violence

A tongue-in-cheek dark humor piece.

The fluorescent lights were flat white and droned on. And so did he.

“So what truly drives you here?” he asked me.

I chose not to respond. May as well ask me what my 5-year plan is.

“What is currently going through your mind right now?” he asked with some frustration crawling into his throat.

I chose not to say anything. If I am going to be stuck here listening to him, so is he.

“Come now. There must be something you like to do. What would you like to do right now?”

Slit your throat and see if you continue to speak through the gurgles or finally shut up. I chose not to share that.

The doctor was exasperated with my non-participation. It’d been 6 months here and the superstar doctor felt his light waning before my silence. Guess he is a small fish in a still smaller pond. Pathetic.

“Can I go now?” I asked.

“Yes,” the good doctor said flopping into his chair like a dead eel. That’s a good look for him. I will have to remember that.

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